Archdiocese Centre for Child Development Animal Farm

Project Code: GHPT-1200008 | Project Location: Navrongo-Bolgatanga, Ghana

Key Statistics

The Centre for Child Development (CCD) was established to help protect child rights and contribute to sustainable community development in the Upper East Region of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga diocese. The CCD seeks to reintegrate children from the streets back into their families and home communities.

of children in Ghana complete high school
of youth in Ghana are unemployed
of children in Ghana experience violent discipline

The CCD helped me to finish high school and I am excited to pursue a career in education and youth development.

Augustine Atule
Resident at CCD

The Farm facilitates young people gaining better employment opportunities by building their capacity in agricultural skills and traditional farming practices, preparing them for their eventual return and reintegration to their home communities.

This project sought to establish an animal farm through which the CCD could increase its financial sustainability through income generated by the sale of livestock.
The CCD animal farm provides a sustainable future for those who are living at the CCD and training opportunities for those who are interested in expanding on their knowledge of agricultural activities. It is hoped this can assist some of the young people at the CCD in finding work opportunities and allow them to support themselves as the continue to grow into young adults.

Project objectives included:

  • Increase income generation and overall self-sustainability of the CCD.
  • Provide residents with in-house training so they may develop careers in agriculture.
  • Provide an affordable and sustainable food supply for those living at the CCD.
  • Engage unemployed youth by offering training in livestock and poultry production.

Latest updates & challenges

Latest updates & challenges While COVID-19 made things challenging this project achieved its goals. Key renovations at the CCD site created jobs for over 10 local community members and include the construction of a fence around six acres of the facility, securing the farm and its occupants.

A vet makes regular visits to the farm to ensure the animals are well-cared for and healthy. A supplementary feed was formulated with minerals such as salt and urea to boost vitamin intake, their health is monitored carefully and regular treatments such as vaccines have resulted in lower mortality rates.

The staff at the Centre have established and practice a routine for trailing, cleaning, water and feeding around the farm. Overall, this has lead to more efficient agricultural practice adding to the income generated by the farm.

Where to from here?

The animal farm hopes to continue generating revenue and providing the children living at the CCD with a stable source of food and income. Income generated from the farm will be used for the general upkeep of the CCD, staff salaries, purchasing of food and equipment for the children.

Staff have ambitions to continue to grow the number of livestock, guinea fowl and chickens moving into the future. Your support means the farm now has the basic infrastructure needed to achieve this dream.

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