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Catholic Mission is the Pope’s international Mission agency in Australia. An international organisation that partners with communities, helping them to flourish by supporting grassroots projects, including healthcare, education, and spiritual care. Our network of religious and lay missionaries operates in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Americas.

Supporting Children, Communities, and Church Leaders
Children supported
Projects around the world
2,936 Future Church Leaders supported

Support seminarians and help bring peace

Social tensions arise from overpopulation, land grabs, poverty, and resource scarcity leading to conflict. Seminarians, like Isaac, are dedicated to building peace in their community.

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Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for April

Let us pray for every culture to acknowledge the value of women, and to put an end to the discrimination they encounter.

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The #Wearestillhere campaign, a unique global initiative that unites lay and religious missionaries from all corners of the world. The campaign, launched globally by Catholic Mission in Australia and the Pontifical Mission Societies, is an invitation to answer the burning passion of our hearts and set ourselves in motion.

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Regular Giving

Monthly donations are one of the simplest and most effective ways to make a difference in the issues you care about the most. Your monthly donations help our projects keep moving forward by offering consistent and reliable support

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Mission Today

Read the latest edition of our magazine to learn more about the work of Catholic Mission around the world.

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Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a win-win opportunity for both employees and employers to make a lasting impact for individuals in need. Partner with Catholic Mission by contributing through pre-tax donations and witness the powerful impact that Workplace Giving can create.

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To plant a seed today is to believe in tomorrow

Leaving a gift in your Will – no matter how large or small – means that you leave a legacy that reflects your values and greatest hopes for the future generations. You will make a real, eternal difference to the lives of children and families for generations to come.