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Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly donations are one of the most effective ways to give and make an incredible difference. By giving a monthly gift, you are helping to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of children, communities and Church leaders in Australia, and around the world, especially in this time of need.

By making your gift monthly, you’re helping us plan so that every dollar can be used in the most effective way. Monthly giving is easy, and you can give at a level that is comfortable for you. You can choose to give a tax-deductible gift, which supports programs for children and communities such as education, health and nutrition, water, social enterprise, micro-loans and more. Should you not need a tax-receipt, your gift can support all these programs, as well as faith-formation programs supporting seminarians, novices and catechists, the building and renovation of Churches, and children’s catechism.

As a monthly supporter, you’ll receive regular updates on what you’re helping to achieve in communities around the world as well as an annual receipt at the end of the financial year.