Phnom Voah Update

Project Code: CBPT-1200049 | Project Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Despite facing the difficulty in conducting our plans during the COVID-19 crisis, we are still working hard to provide our students and teachers an opportunity to learn and practice their skills which have made them feel very happy and motivated to move forward during this difficult time.”

Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler
Director of the Phnom Voah project

About the project

Saint Francis Private Technical High School is located in Takeo province and is one of the leading technical high schools in the country. The school’s main focus is educating the students in two specific areas: agriculture and tourism. Students are also taught computer and English language skills.

It’s a unique experience studying at the school; the students are provided with free education which also includes meals, uniforms, books and other documents.

Partnering with schools in other countries, the students also have an opportunity to be involved in international study tours, where they exchange knowledge and experience.

This project aims to support St Francis in its mission to equip students with employable skills through practical, hands-on experience. Phase 2 is a continuation of the initial project with a focus on the construction of greenhouses for the growing of flowers and the continued development of the germination program.

The objectives for this project include:

  • Expanding the fields and the overall size of the farm.
  • Constructing and establishing a laboratory and processing rooms for flower germination.
  • Continuing to develop and evaluate teacher training and capacity.
  • Continuing to develop the students’ knowledge and capacity.

Stories from the ground

Rathana, a staff member who works in flower plantation and a former Agronomy student, he was sent to study about flower plantation for 6 months in Vietnam. “During my six months of study in Vietnam the school spent a lot of money to support the whole flower study. In this flower study mission, I gained experiences and skills to apply and share to the next generation. After graduating I have applied my skills to plant flowers at the School. At the same time, I have the opportunity to continue to study at University. I am grateful for the opportunity to develop myself, family and society as a whole. I look forward to repaying the school through my hard work.”


During this pandemic, it has been challenging to send students for the study tours or internship due to travel restrictions. As a compromise, the School decided to allow students to visit the farm and gain hands-on experience. The farm, while having an irrigation system, it still faces problems with water shortage. There was also a rainstorm that destroyed the vegetable plantation. While these issues are proving challenging, the School is working to address them. The restaurant is now fully equipped and had started selling produce and meals however it has had to close due to COVID-19 restrictions.