Key statistics

  1. percent of youth in Ghana are unemployed
  2. of youth in Ghana are underemployed (their skills are not utilized in their work)
  3. youth have participated in this project.

About the project

The Youth Skills and Enterprise Development (YSED) Centre aims to create self-employable job opportunities for youth in the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese. By enabling young people to contribute meaningful to their community, the Centre is helping restore dignity and hope for the future.

This project aimed to update facilities at the YSED to support youth and people with disabilities access training and resources to help increase future career opportunities.

  • Through this project the YSED aimed to achieve the following objectives:
  • Establishing a functional Youth Skills and Enterprise Development Centre.
  • Improving the skills of 150 youth in agri-based and hospitality services.

Adding to the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills of 570 youth in the region to improve their career choices and enable them to gain meaningful employment.

Youth supported through this project were provided with one-on-one consultations and mentoring to assist them hone their skills and establish their own businesses which they continue to operate with great enthusiasm to expand.

Latest updates & challenges

Renovations of the existing Centre are complete, and all rooms are fully furnished. The Centre now includes space for training and classes, and dormitories have been fitted with beds and mattresses. Due to budget restrictions additional dormitories were not built.

Training equipment, including a projector, projector screen, markers, notebooks and flip charts have been purchased. Additionally, a range of restaurant equipment has been purchased such as gas cylinders, burners, bowls, a deep freezer, pots, kettles and buffet bowls. This equipment is helping with hospitality training and has allowed the restaurant to open to the public, generating income.

A wire fence has been built around the perimeter of the Centre which has improved security and retainment of stock.

One borehole has been drilled and mechanised. It is now providing water for all activities throughout the Centre.


Over the course of this project, the Centre has providing agribusiness, hospitality and/or business training to 166 youth. Additionally, 595 youth across the diocese were supported with individual coaching on how to start an enterprise and make stronger career choices.

A total of twelve youth meetings were held across 20 parishes in Navrongo-Bolgatanga. These meetings enabled youth to discuss and draw attention to the issues affecting them.


Three concrete ponds have been built to rear fish and are being used for practical training. Currently, there are 9,700 fingerlings stocked, once big enough the income made from sales will go towards the maintenance of the Centre.

Ten pigsties have been constructed and are currently housing 40 pigs. Sales are also helping generate a sustainable income for the Centre.

Animals in stock

Currently the farm is stocked with 72 chickens, 9,700 fish, 40 rabbits, and 40 pigs.


COVID-19 lockdowns meant that Centre was unable to run at its usual capacity. Training sessions were unable to run and income generation was significantly reduced for a short time. When training recommenced the Centre established COVID-safe practices such as mask wearing and social distancing. In order to restrict large gathers the YSED staff have been doing more community visits to do onsite training.

Livestock mortality & delays in stock supply

Overcoming the challenge of animal mortalities was achieved through establishing relationships between the Centre, vets, and the fishery department.

Brethren's farm (read more below).

Stories from the ground

Brethren Noore is 25 years old and from St Theresah Parish in Tongo. He has attempted rearing poultry previously without much success. Now, after receiving training through YSED, Brethren has a blossoming farm with over 300 guinea fowls.

“My father died when I was five and I wasn’t able to go to school because I didn’t have the support. I heard of the YSED project from my church and am grateful to be receiving training. We are taken through practical and efficient ways to produce livestock to increase our income. I usually get no less than 30 eggs a day from my guinea fowls and I am making a steady income from selling guinea fowls and eggs. I have also been able to support my wife in receiving an education.” Brethren Noore

Ester Mensah is a 29-year-old business owner. She had a shop and was running a business before receiving training through YSED. Now, Ester is in constant contact with staff as she lives very close to the Centre. She is now able to operate her business more effectively and is making greater profits from her shop. She has learned basic business management and financial skills and is now growing rice to add additional income to her business.

“Without the assistance of YSED and the staff, my business would not be as successful. The skills I have learned are life-changing.” Ester Mensah

Where to from here?

This project is now complete, having achieved its objectives and provided support to over 760 youth in the region.

As this project period draws to a close, Catholic Mission’s partnership with YSED moves into another stage, the Diocese is looking to increase the number of YSED outreach centres located around Navrongo-Bolgatanga to ensure more youth have access to the facilities.