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“We are all invited to walk the streets of the world with one’s brothers and sisters.” - Pope Francis

A Catholic Mission Immersion is where a small group of adults or students visit church and school communities in an Australian Indigenous context or an overseas country for 10 - 12 days. The purpose of an immersion is for participants to experience life, faith and justice from a new perspective and return home inspired to live a personal sense of Catholic ‘mission’ in Australia.

Why travel on an Immersion experience with us?

“I recommend these trips to you as an important form of ongoing support and empowerment of Timorese communities.”
Abel Guterres Ambassador - Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

“I have gained enormous satisfaction in providing this experience to Catholic youth and have witnessed the deeper spiritual growth of every participant. The Immersion experience is a ‘lived’ experience providing ‘lifelong’ inspiration within a distinctive Catholic context.”
Amanda Wilson Principal - Holy Spirit College, Bellambi (Immersions 2012-2014)

“Overall our experience was very uplifting and life-changing. So many amazing people that we met and we will be forever changed...” Bernadette and Bruce Sinclair Immersion participants.

Bernadette’s role as the Immersions Country Coordinator for Timor-Leste wants to remind all the students and the host communities that we are still here embracing our mission and staying connected in new ways.


Leonela and Sasha who usually open their world in Baucau, Timor Leste to immersion participants remind us of our common experiences and witness to the spirit of hope that prevails; We are still here and we will soon be walking alongside one another again.

  1. Catholic Mission Statement on Coronavirus Situation (19 February 2020) (pdf, 128KB)

Experience an immersion in mission

Our immersion experiences

Offered forExperience details
School groups, Year 10 to 12 secondary student and teachers
Catholic Mission can tailor the experience for each group in terms of the location, dates and itinerary.
Adult groups, Catholic parishes, teachers, universities, social justice or health care groupsOur immersion program offers preparation and followup workshops, as well as experienced facilitators who lead the trip as educators.
Individuals Adult immersion (minimum 10 participants required)Catholic Mission takes responsibility for all travel logistics and planning while still empowering each group to share in the vision for the trip.
Alternative ‘Schoolies’, Year 12 students and teachers after their final exams.

Vision of mission and immersion

Immersion is a powerful strategy in helping us understand and involve ourselves in Jesus’ mission. Through the immersion experience we come face to face with local people and recognise them as our brothers and sisters. We empathise with them and share their daily joys and sorrows, celebrating their richness and gifts, and feeling for their pain. We learn as much from them, possibly more, as they learn from us.

Guided throughout the experience by critical and prayerful questioning, we recognise that we are involved in and partly responsible for their reality in this global society

Immersions Play

Indigenous Immersions

The Indigenous Immersion programs offer participants a privileged insight into the daily lives of Aboriginal communities in either remote, rural, outback or Urban environments.

Participants are invited by the community leaders/elders to share in parts of their culture and country, explore their history and be introduced to the current culture. There will be opportunities to engage in dialogue with locals to hear their stories and to ask questions - seeking a better understanding of the causes and possible solutions to current social and political issues.

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International Immersions

Catholic Mission provides an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the faith, culture and daily life of communities in Asia and the Pacific Islands. Catholic Mission’s existing extensive mission network provides privileged access to the people in parishes and school communities and those working in projects in these developing nations.

Our intent is to travel lightly and with purpose. Our immersion group consists of a relatively small team, comprising 10 - 15 people, to enable us to interact in an appropriate manner with our host communities. A Catholic Mission facilitator will guide the group, manage all interactions with host communities and facilitate daily prayer and reflection. In all cases the needs and sensitivities of the host communities will be recognised as a priority in our planning and interactions on immersion.

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Walk the Camino Portugués or the Camino Francés

CAMINO PORTUGUÉS Lisbon - Fatima - Porto - Santiago

Pilgrimage 1: 11-27 MAY 2020

  1. Days
  2. Kilometres
  3. Historic cities

CAMINO FRANCÉS Madrid - León - Santiago

Pilgrimage 2: 19 SEPTEMBER - 5 OCTOBER

  1. Days
  2. Kilometres
  3. Historic cities

We offer you the support of fellowship with pilgrims as well as independence.
Anyone is welcome to participate. Places limited!

Immersions Pilgrims

Security, safety and risk

The security and safety of all participants in immersions are the foremost priority in designing the immersion program. A suite of preparatory and precautionary measures are taken to ensure that risk is minimised as much as possible. Immersions will only proceed where risks can be managed to a satisfactory level.

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Immersion Resources

  1. Catholic Mission Immersions brochure (pdf, 4.9MB)
  2. Camino Portugués (pdf, 1.2MB)

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