Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

For more information about our approach to Reconciliation with First Nations peoples, see our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Catholic Mission established its RAP Working Group in July 2020 to come together and begin thinking about the best approach to developing a RAP for the organisation. The working group consists of 6 - 8 staff from across the country and across departments. The RWG meet monthly and engage NATSICC and Aboriginal Elders within our network to provide a First Nations voice in the development and carrying out of our RAP activities.

We launched our REFLECT RAP at our National Conference in April 2022.

Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers - RAP document MAY CONTAIN IMAGES, VOICES OR REFERENCES TO THOSE THAT HAVE PASSED

Where the terms used in this document ‘First Nations’, ‘First Peoples’, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander Peoples’ refers to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia.