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#WeAreStillHere Global Mission

Pope Francis has highlighted his passion for the Pontifical Mission Societies, known in Australia as Catholic Mission, recognising mission is at the heart and identity of the Church, and the worldwide network reflects the rich variety of “people with a thousand faces”. Inspired by the words of the Holy Father, you are invited into the family of missionaries around the world who say: we are still here.

These faces are featured in an inspirational video that connects more than 30 missionaries based in over 25 different countries speaking a variety of languages. Produced by Catholic Mission, the global awareness campaign, launched as part of World Mission Month, is being shared with Pontifical Mission Societies around the world.

#WeAreStillHere Global Mission

Socktober 2021 - Let's kick some goals for kids around the world!

Everything you need to know to get the most out of Socktober 2021 for your school community.

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Extraordinary Missionary Month 360 VR - Celebrating Mission around the world

From the farms and red soil roads of Uganda and Ghana, to the soaring slopes and sweeping valleys of India and Myanmar, see how the work of missionaries around the world is impacting ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

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Mission in 360VR

These 360VR experiences invite you to engage with some of the children and families from Myanmar and all around the world.

Take a moment to share in these stories, spending some time in someone else’s shoes, looking through their eyes and hearing through their ears.

St John’s School, Hakha

The establishment of St John’s School is contributing to the well-being of the children in this area and improving the education system. This school uses a child-centred approach, focused on the development of each child through holistic learning.

2018 World Mission Appeal

St Joseph's Home

Meet children, some of whom are orphaned and some of whom are HIV-positive themselves, who can live, learn and play together in the safety offered by the sisters from St Joseph’s Home.

2018 World Mission Appeal

Pan Hlaing community

The construction of Pan Hlaing Church was carried out entirely by villagers from surrounding communities who transported all the construction materials, including cement bags, by boat and foot to the village.

2018 World Mission Appeal


Discover Ethiopia with new eyes

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St Thereza Primary School, Bujuni

Experience a day at a school in the heart of Uganda. St Thereza Primary School sits on a hillside in the small town of Bujuni, three hours from the capital Kampala. Each day, hundreds of students come to the school to learn local language, English, mathematics, science and religion and ethics.

2017 World Mission Appeal

Experience Bujuni with Harriet

Spend some time with 13-year-old Harriet in her home town of Bujuni, three hours from the Ugandan capital, Kampala. Walk with her as she shows you her home, the way to her school, and where her family sources fresh, water from the river.

2017 World Mission Appeal

St Luke's Health Centre, Bujuni

Take a look inside the St Luke Health Centre in Bujuni, three hours from the Ugandan capital Kampala. Meet some expectant mothers in the maternity ward, watch an antenatal education class and be surrounded by the buzz of activity outside as patients, visitors and support staff arrive at the centre.

2017 World Mission Appeal

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