Dr Erasmus showing a group of students around the project site

St Vincent College of Education

Project Code: GHPT-1200011 | Project Location: Yendi, Ghana

St Vincent’s College of Education strives to become one of Ghana’s national leaders in training effective teachers for disadvantaged rural schools. St Vincent’s will provide teacher trainee students with greater access to accommodation and modern facilities.

In Northern Ghana there is a lack of skilled and qualified teachers due to limited facilities. This is also a major problem in Yendi, where St Vincent’s is located, and the Catholic Diocese of Yendi wish to help resolve this issue through provision of quality educational facilities.

The establishment of the St Vincent College of Education in the Yendi Diocese is intended to help transform the negative academic outcomes of rural school children in Yendi and across Northern Ghana as a whole. The new facilities will allow future teachers to learn in an environment that provides them with the greatest chance to succeed.

Catholic Mission’s partnership with St Vincent College of Education has the following objectives:

To provide education to 340 teacher trainees for disadvantaged rural schools in Yendi and Northern Ghana.

To build an 800+ capacity assembly hall/auditorium complex.

To build a 50+ capacity hostel for girls.

To build a 250+ capacity classroom block.

Completed Dormitory which was blessed by Bishop Vincent Sowah Boi Nah

Completed dormitory which was blessed by Bishop Vincent Sowah Boi Nah

Achievements so far

St Vincent’s College is well on track to be completed by the agreed date. The project will achieve all objectives within the designated funding agreed in the original budget. The College has a skilled and experienced team of project officers and managers, who have made strategic decisions, planned for change and responded flexibly to challenges as they arise.

The girl’s hostel dorm has now been completed, however the design for this building has changed to accommodate more students. The building now has capacity for 64 beds instead of the originally planned 50. This was previously communicated to Catholic Mission and was agreed as there was no change to the budget. In the dormitory building there are two bathrooms, each with three showers and three toilets. A water tank has been installed and water is now running throughout the building.

The wall around the hostel that is being built using leftover funds is still yet to be completed, however the workers have dug the foundations and will commence building it once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The 250-capacity classroom block is also now complete. The two levels of the building have water and have been wired for electricity. The roof and windows have also been installed. The upper level has the exact same lay out as the ground level and each have two bathrooms, two offices, one large room (which will be partitioned to make two classrooms, but can be opened) and a separate classroom. Each classroom will have capacity for around 40 students.

250 capacity classroom block now fitted with windows and roof

250 capacity classroom block now fitted with windows and roof

The auditorium is yet to be completed, with the wiring and roofing still to take place. The team hopes to complete the construction by August, giving them a month to work on any little things before they plan to open in September.

Last December, 172 students graduated with a diploma. This year the College has been given accreditation by the government to be able to grant bachelor’s degrees. This means students must study for four years instead of the previous three. This has been a massive boost for the College and Dr Erasmus, principal of St Vincent’s and project manager, believes that this accreditation will only attract more students in the future.

Auditorium under construction

Auditorium under construction

Floor plan for the Auditorium

Floor plan for the auditorium

Stories from the ground

Inusah Sirina Akudugu and An nyerema Angelina

Inusah Sirina Akudugu, Dr Erasmus, & An-nyerema Angelina

Stories from the ground

Sirina (left) is studying in her first year at St Vincent.

“I am learning a lot and am currently studying for my end of semester exams. My hope is that the skills I gain at the College will allow me to have a successful career in education in the North of Ghana. I believe that the level of teaching is of a very high standard and the new facilities will enhance the overall educational experience at the college.”
Inusah Sirina Akudugu, student

Angelina (right) is from the Upper West region of Ghana and is in her first year of study.

“The accommodation at the new girl’s dorm will make it easier for students who must travel from other regions to study at the College. I am excited I can now recieve a bachelor’s degree instead of a diploma because this will increase my chances of employment for when I finish studying.”
An-nyerema Angelina, student

Challenges & Impact of COVID-19

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all students are studying via distance, online using an app provided by the school.

Small scale work has been allowed to continue with Dr Erasmus the project manager ensuring that social distancing rules are applied. COVID-19 has not altered the delivery dates for the project and all objectives are still on track to being achieved.

The College will provide a platform for greater education in the North of Ghana and will continue to strive towards achieving its ambition of providing young, aspiring teachers with the best training in the best facilities in Northern Ghana.