Mission is where many people need you.

Sr Carolina

Sr Carolina, a missionary inspired by her burning passion for others

Sr Carolina Maria Correia is a Salesian Sister. Originally from a small village an hour away from Venilale, she knew her calling at the age of seventeen when she discovered the life and Mission of the Salesian Sisters.

A year later Sr Carolina moved to the convent, where she dedicated herself to the great work of Mission. She discovered a new depth to her calling when she moved to the Philippines to study.

During this time, she met Sr Alma, who worked as a doctor in the Philippines. This encounter was life-changing for Sr Carolina. Inspired by Sr Alma’s devotion to others and by the work of the other doctors and nurses, Sr Carolina decided to become a missionary.

Guided by her love for people, she set out to become a nurse, something she had never previously considered. She then traveled back to Timor-Leste where she worked as a health professional.

After years spent dividing her time between her formation in Rome and her missionary work in her home country, Sr Carolina is now working at the Maria Auxiliadora Clinic in Venilale, under the guidance of Doctor Sr Alma. Together they care for the local communities, providing them with medical assistance and pastoral care.