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Shwe Hintha Education (SHE)

Project Code: MMCT-1100687 | Project Location: Bago, Myanmar

School photo

Students and staff gather for a school photo

SHE - Facts and Figures

Sacred Heart Education/Shwe Hintha Education (SHE)* was launched in December 2016 the ultimate goal was to open a private Catholic school which would offer quality, affordable education to families in Bago and the wider Archdiocese of Yangon. SHE specifically focused on enrolling children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Affordable school fees

SHE accepts students from all economic backgrounds. Those who can afford to pay the full school year’s fees are also asked to show generosity and provide scholarships for poor and needy students. SHE enrolls students from a range of income backgrounds to ensure free education for those who need it while maintaining a sustainable income to keep the school running to a high standard.

“Through our scholarship program, children can continue in their learning. Their parents also come to have less worries and burdens amidst the troublesome of expensive education system in Myanmar. They can save for health, lodging, and food,” says Director of SHE, Fr Abraham Saw Shwe Win.

Fees are 50,000 Kyat** less per student than other private schools. The school delivers superior services, facilities and quality education and is a role model for other schools in Bago.

SHE aims to enrol 60 per cent of students on a scholarship basis. At present 22 families are being supported by the scholarship program.

  1. Teachers providing care and support to students through interactive and engaging lessons assisting in the children’s overall formation and well-being
  2. Children enrolled for the 2019-2020 academic year that will receive quality affordable education
  3. Families supported by SHE's scholarship program

“SHE is not a profit-making business but is opening a space to access quality education for all preschool and primary school students whether they are rich or poor/needy. SHE is investing in the childrens’ future. SHE will be a second home for the children which provides warm love and care to every child for their holistic development”

- Fr Abraham Saw Shwe Win, Director of SHE

Students presenting

“I send my child to SHE because the education is better. The teachers are qualified, the environment is safe, it is less expensive, and they have good values.”

- Mr Saw Moe, father of a kindergarten student

Key objectives for SHE included:

  • Providing basic Catholic education to the younger generation by setting up a Catholic primary school in the Archdiocese.
  • Preparing a venue for opening the School.
  • Supporting the Archdiocese of Yangon in the long term running of Catholic primary and secondary schools for the purpose of nation building.
  • Enabling young adults to care, nurture, facilitate and teach students using skills according to creative pedagogic and didactic methods based on principles of Catholic Education.
  • Educating children from a young age to be confident, happy, active, creative and continuous learners in search of their upmost capacities and social responsibilities.
  • Assisting parents in understanding the role and value of Catholic Education.
  • Raising parents’ awareness of the essential role of learning facilitators in their children’s holistic education.

School trip 300pi

Students going on excursion, foreigner in the photo, French volunteer from Enfand de Mekong supporting staff

Impact of COVID-19

We are living out an unprecedented situation that is affecting the world.

This global pandemic has the potential to disastrously impact communities in developing countries in which the infrastructure, services and finances are simply not sufficient to manage this crisis. With Myanmar bordering China, the origin of the first case of COVID-19, the population is highly vulnerable, however, with our support these communities can get through this troubling time.

“The impact of the COVID-19 virus on the project is minimal since it is Summer time and therefore school holidays in Myanmar. We are now preparing for the academic year 2020- 2021. This pandemic has impacted our communities through awareness to rebuild the morality of human beings and to share the world what we have. We are still here. We are doing our best with our school communities to keep our project running and to look after the community we care for. We need your support today to ensure we can continue our work for the disadvantaged children in Bago, Archdiocese of Yangon, Myanmar.”

- Fr Abraham Saw Shwe Win, Director of SHE

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Students on bus to school

* The school opened under the name “Sacred Heart Education”, but in late 2018 changed its name to “Shwe Hintha Education” at the government’s request that it have a secular name.

** Local currency in Bago, equal to AUD $56.85