Repair work for seminary building (Chapel) and a retaining wall for Seminary Kitchen and Refectory

In north-western Papua New Guinea, St Charles Borromeo Major Seminary offers men who have heard and accepted their calling to the priesthood the formation and education to become priests for their communities.

The seminary recently underwent two key projects to help ensure that the buildings are safe and offer the necessary space for the seminarians and staff at St Charles Borromeo; the renovation of the chapel, offices and residential building which was infested with termites; and the construction of a retaining wall to help prevent landslips which impacts the foundation and structure of the seminary kitchen and dining hall.

Project 1 saw a complete renewal of the chapel, offices and residential building, as termites had all but destroyed the building, making it unsafe for use. The floors, walls and ceilings were replaced, new stairs were built, and new rain gutters were installed. This renovation now allows the staff and students continue their days in a safe environment and protected from inclement weather.

Project 2 focused on the construction of a retaining wall to help prevent further damage to the seminary kitchen and dining hall, which has been affected by landslips due to the large amount of rain.

Both projects were relatively quick to implement, however the challenge of COVID-19 and ongoing rain did force the work on Project 2 to stop, with the final step of laying gravel around the wall still to be completed.

“It has given our seminary a new hope and assurance.”

Fr. Prabhat Bastiray, MSFS

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