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I fall in love because of the reality of the people here.

Sr Carolina, Nurse at The Maria Auxiliadora Clinic

I was nurse alone here, many people are coming. Without doctor, they are coming … we continue, it’s not enough, but without the benefactor, the donators, we cannot do all those things. Without them we cannot do.”

Sr Carolina - Nurse at Maria Auxiliadora Clinic
  1. Petrolina’s Story

    “I can see that she was unable to wake up, not able to sit, not able to walk and even I have to feed her.” Mother of nine, Petrolina heard of the Clinic through her father who was working to build it. From then, she began visiting the Sisters when her children had a cough, fever or diarrhea – symptoms that were fairly manageable. But when her daughter Vitoria was 12, she noticed something was not right. Her daughter’s condition deteriorating, Petrolina made the journey to the clinic by foot. It was there that she met with Sr Carolina and Vitoria was diagnosed with tuberculosis – an infectious disease that without treatment could have been fatal. Thanks to Petrolina’s trust in the Sisters, possible only because of their ongoing presence within the community, she was able to access the required treatment for her daughter.
  2. Jose’s Story

    “Jose is a gift of God, so I have to take care of him” – Santina (Jose’s Grandmother) At 8 months old, Jose’s parents were no longer able to care for him and he was left in the care of his grandmother Santina, who was already looking after 3 grandchildren. With his mother unable to produce breast milk or provide adequate alternatives, Jose became severely malnourished and Santina knew she needed to act. Hearing about the work of the Sisters from other members in her village, Santina put her trust in them and brought Jose for care at the Clinic. Santina instantly received the milk and medication that Jose desperately needed and soon, he began to put on weight and return to good health.

Ensuring that Sr Carolina and her team at the clinic have the appropriate resources means that they can provide families like Vitoria’s with essential care and knowledge, equipping them with the confidence to act and have autonomy over their health and well-being.

Encouraged by Pope Francis’ World Mission Day message from Luke 24:13-35, with your hearts on fire and feet on the move, you can make a life-changing difference for families in need in Timor-Leste.

Will you support Sr Carolina and the Salesian Sisters as they walk with Timor-Leste on the road to health?

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