Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School

Project code: SBPT-1200061 | Project Location: Solomon Islands

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Key Statisitcs

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs (OLQM)) Secondary School operates out of a Diocese-run primary school site that was shut down in 1975 due to lack of funding. Since that time there has been no Catholic education in the area. The old site was renovated with the help of the Archdiocese of Honiara, the Marist Fathers and Australian Marist Solidarity which enabled the school to open in 2018, however, much more work is needed to ensure the school can continue to add a new Form each year.

Students who currently attend OLQM
Percentage of the population who live below the national poverty line
Over 652 thousand people live in the Solomon Islands

“After having meetings with parishioners, we have witnessed the need to establish a Catholic School to serve their children not only through academic levels but for spiritual support as well. Moreover, we also seen all sort of problems faced by their children which they believe that can be solved with the right support. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to grow into healthy maturity and live holistic, happy lives.”

Fr Patelisio Taufa SM
Parish Priest

About this project

There is no inland transportation or roads in the east of Makira, where Wainoni Bay is located, people travel by boat or walk for hours on foot, and there is no mobile phone network, internet connection or electricity. Many people in the region live well below the poverty line relying on subsistence farming for survival. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs’ priority is to provide a haven for students to stay on site in the boarding facilities and be protected in an increasingly unpredictable tropical climate.

Whilst the school is functioning, there is still a long way to go, with a range of objectives to still be achieved, including:

  • Providing safe and sustainable learning and living for students and staff by renovating and adding to current facilities.
  • Increase the school’s capacity to cater to larger numbers of students.
  • Engage with the broader community to promote greater collaboration and desire for youth to attend school.

Project activities

This project will involve a range of activities, including:

  • Constructing and renovating classrooms, ablution blocks, and a library. These buildings also need to be appropriately fitted out and resourced.
  • Installing solar panels and batteries and water tanks for sustainable generation of electricity.
  • The provision of more staff houses will be another major need as the school grows.

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