Mother & Baby Home

Project Code: THCT-2200189 | Project Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Key Statistics

Opened in 1972, the Mother and Baby Home (locally known as Baan Sukruthai) offers a temporary refuge for women from all parts of Thailand. Currently supporting 16 mothers, the Home provides accommodation, nourishing food, and other personal necessities to mothers and their children until they are able to return to their homes (if possible) or stand on their own. At the Home, women gain vital knowledge including sex education, basic healthcare, and an understanding of child development.

of Thai women are likely to experience postpartum depression
births per 1,000 adolescent females aged 15-19
mothers are currently receiving care at the Home

The girls and women who come to us are the poorest of the poor and have no one to turn to. They do not know how to care for themselves. There are few pregnancies today among the youth because they [now] know how to protect themselves. It is not a problem as [it was] before, now they can attend school and even university during pregnancy.

Sister Chalaad
Good Shepherd Sister

About the project

The women at the home have access to professional health care staff, including doctors and nurses, who volunteer their services on a weekly basis.

Mental health support is another essential element of the care the Sisters provide. Women participate in a program tailored to helping them overcome the traumatic experiences of their past and develop a new, positive outlook on life.

Sister Chalaad and the Good Shepherd Sisters support women in need regardless of their circumstances.