Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre (Phase II)

Project Code: ETPT-1200064 | Project Location: Meki, Ethiopia

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Key Statistics

Many women in Ethiopia, especially those in rural areas, are struggling against economic challenges, social dependency on men, and lack of education. Employment opportunities are very limited; young women who drop out of school may not have the skills required to get a job or create their own career. To bring about change for these women and their families, it is vital that demand-oriented technical and vocational training programs, and the provision of practical education are available to the community.

of women in Ethiopia are illiterate.
of women who are employed, are in what is considered ‘vulnerable employment’.
of women aged 20 to 49 have completed secondary or higher education.
people are being supported through this project.

“During the next three years, income generating activities will be done in the centre through the internal food services, Gojo Café, selling coffee and handicrafts to the visitors, doing uniforms for the schools and doing hairdressing services. The money produced by these activities will become part of a fund to be used in the future for the running costs of the centre. Students are also paying a semester fee, and monthly payments for their courses. This money will also be part of the fund to be used for the future running costs of the centre.”

María Jose Morales Jurado
Project Director


About the project

Located in the Dugda District in the Apostolic Vicariate of Meki, the Centre offers vocational skill training courses to help empower young women to create their own livelihoods, earn income, and manage their own resources. This project seeks to increase the sustainability of the KMPC and further enable young women to improve their own quality of life, creating job opportunities and increasing the community’s overall wellbeing.


Your support can help:

  • Empower women to claim and secure their right to employment and self-employment.
  • Establish and maintain an organic communal vegetable garden.
  • Equip students with hospitality skills. The internal cooking services will also create an income generating activity for the future sustainability of the centre.
  • Offer work experience for students at the Gojo Café which also functions as a source of income generation for the centre.
  • Offer tailoring services to the public to encourage students to apply their new skills. The centre will provide school uniforms for rural schools at a reasonable price, meaning further practice and skills accumulation for tailoring students.


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