Emergency water & sanitation in Loikaw

Key statistics

Across Myanmar, it is reported that over 440,000 people have become Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) following the military takeover in February 2021. These children, women and men have been forced from their homes due to the conflict, leaving these families in desperate need.

thousand IDPs in camps in Loikaw Diocese
camps have been set up to support IDPs across the Loikaw Diocese
IDPs in the south-east of Myanmar are located in the Kayah State

“Heightened conflict during January 2022 saw a loss of civilian lives, destruction of homes and livelihoods, and a surge in internal and cross-border displacement. The population of displacement [in Kayah State, where Loikaw Diocese is located] is 170,000, that is 73% of the total IDPs in southern Myanmar.”

Fr Celso Ba Shwe
Priest in Loikaw Diocese

About the project

The Church in the Diocese of Loikaw has responded by setting up large-scale camps to provide shelter and basic needs for IDP, however one major challenge faced is the lack of clean drinking water. During the summer months, rainfall is scarce, and residents rely on previously captured rainwater for their needs; however, the current water supply is simply not enough to support the local community and the IDP camps.

This project aims to provide clean water to the 50 IDP camps, supplying over 60,000 children, women, and men with safe water to drink and cook with. In addition, clean water can help prevent illness through providing means for proper sanitation.

Staying accountable

Catholic Mission is committed to supporting the Diocese of Loikaw by actively monitoring the delivery of their activities, management of their finances, and reporting against their performance. The Archdiocese of Yangon will also be providing support as communication from outside Myanmar is challenging.

This project will be directed by Fr Celso Ba Shwe and the Loikaw Diocesan Emergency Relief Team, under supervision of the Church of Myanmar.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Catholic Mission is committed to achieving the SDGs. In working with our partners to develop projects, we consider the SDGs and how each activity might contribute strategically to this shared global vision.

The centre aims to achieve the following by the end of the project period:

  1. Provide safe drinking water in the Internally Displaced Peoples camps in the Loikaw Diocese.
  2. Provide water containers and resources like tarpaulins and buckets for the IDP camps.

SDGs can be seen being implemented in this project’s planned activities, including:

  • Clean water and sanitation

This project aims to provide access to clean water for drinking and sanitation for over 60,000 children, women, and men who have lost their homes and livelihoods

  • Good health and well-being

Through the provision of water and resources, this project aims to promote good health for those living in IDP camps.

  • Reduce inequality within and among countries

The Church does not discriminate between those in need, irrespective of faith, gender, age or stigma, this project will provide all in need with support and care equally.