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Project Code: THCT-1200068 | Project Location: Thailand

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Key Statistics

In 2006, the Salesian Sisters initiated a project to support rural communities from different ethnic groups in mountainous north-eastern Thailand. The project aimed to provide girls with equitable access to quality education not available to them at home due to the remoteness of their villages.

of the total population in Thailand live in rural communities
of young women who enrolled in secondary school go on to receive tertiary education
thousand, the ratio of healthcare professionals to patients in rural northeast Thailand

We want to give the children the opportunity to continue their academic studies. Some villages lack schools or simply offer very basic classes. Girls must travel great distances from their homes in the hills in order to pursue their dreams of receiving an education. This journey can be very strenuous and difficult, especially during the rainy season.

Sister Margarita Perez
Salesian Sisters

About the Project

Often unable to return home due to the dangerous road conditions, long distances and challenging terrain, many girls are forced to find temporary lodging where they must rely on themselves without any extra support.

Thankfully, the Sisters took over leadership of the Catholic Diocesan Centre in Om Koi, and now offer students accommodation and nutritious meals, allowing girls from rural communities to access education without fear for their safety. The Centre offers a bus service which takes students to and from school, however, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, schools have been shut down and students are required to attend online.

This project serves to:

  • Provide 30 computers for girls from remote communities who reside at the Catholic Diocesan Centre in Om Koi.
  • Support girls who wish to further their study and pursue a career in nursing. Once graduated, they can assist the Salesian Sisters in supporting remote communities.
  • Provide salaries for staff who work at the Centre so they can continue supporting their students.

At present, the Centre has access to very old equipment in limited numbers. Your support can help provide computers and other resources necessary for online study, allowing these young women the opportunity to continue pursuing their dreams.

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