Impact Investing Bridging Education and Opportunity in Ethiopia

Earlier this month, Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, Cardinal of Ethiopia, accompanied by clergy dignitaries, including Fr Brian Lucas, Catholic Mission National Director, inaugurated the new impact investment project at Lideta Catholic Cathedral School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The multi-level commercial building will provide a reliable income to support the transformative scholarship programme at the School.

For this special occasion, Fr Brian Lucas was invited to travel to Ethiopia by Cardinal Souraphiel to attend the ceremony, which was a great opportunity to strengthen and celebrate the ongoing collaboration between the two countries.

“Being here today was important for Catholic Mission to celebrate the inauguration of this life-changing project. We have been working together with the local communities through the Church of Ethiopia and our partners to make this project a reality. We know that its impact will be carried on for many years to come and will enable many youths to access quality education, creating their own future,” said Fr Brian.

More than being a simple addition to Lideta Catholic Cathedral School, this new impact investment will enable the generation of revenues to provide more scholarships for students who could not afford to attend the private school. The School stands as a great example in the community, as it has enabled many students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access high-quality education and furthermore to choose a future for themselves.

“The children are more affected by poverty and social problems, and we believe that the quality of education and job creation to generate income for their families are the main tools to accelerate the efforts of alleviating the problem,” said Fr Tekel Mekonene, the project director.

Local businesses will rent out space in the building, generating a reliable income to support the transformative scholarship programme at the school. Scholarships are currently sponsored by the School Alumni and Catholic Mission donations. This project will enable the school to support more students and continue creating lasting change.

Lideta Scholarship Program

The scholarship program for students at Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS) continues to provide support for the children of families who cannot afford to attend school. The scholarship program provides an opportunity for those students, when they graduate, to significantly improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

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