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World Mission Appeal - Cambodia

Your donation can make a difference for young people with disability like Chen at the Arrupe Centre, providing them with critical care and support to help them reach their goals.

Please give generously today to support the life-changing work at the Arrupe Centre, and many other programs reaching out to those in need around the world. You can choose to give a tax-deductible gift, which supports programs for children and communities such as health and nutrition, water and medical supplies. Should you not need a tax-receipt, your gift can support all these programs, as well as programs supporting seminarians, novices and catechists while they persevere through lockdown.

As a supporter, you’ll receive regular updates on what you’re helping to achieve in Cambodia and communities around the world as well as a receipt for your donations.

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*Examples are representative of the types of projects around the world your gift will support. Funds contributed to emergency appeals are distributed directly to the crisis region.