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Cecilia has known for many years that her calling was to serve others, as she desires to help those in need, especially through education. Born into a Catholic family, faith has always been a central part of Cecilia’s life, and she relies on it each day as she continues at the novitiate, “Every time I go back to my first call, and the goodness of the Lord, I gain the strength and courage to move on. When I meditate the life of my Lord, I could not but to give my ‘Yes’ generously”.

Growing up in a Buddhist household in rural Cambodia, Saren Teresa first engaged with the Salesian Sisters when they provided her with the opportunity to continue her education into high school in a larger town, as her village had no further education opportunities. After completing a teacher training course, Teresa continued to work with the Salesian Sisters, teaching Maths and Physics to elementary and high school students. Through this work, Teresa continued to experience the love and care of the Salesian Sisters, leading her to the Catholic faith, and realising her call to religious life.

Novices like Cecilia and Teresa are the future generation of Church leaders. As professed sisters, they will be instrumental in their communities, supporting mission programs that reach out to those in most need, providing spiritual and practical support for children and families. This is why their time as novices, completing their own spiritual formation and education is so important.

Both novices are passionate about providing education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and as Cecilia says, “I feel that by becoming a Sister I could give good education to the young, especially the poor ones just like me… I could be sign of hope to the people”.

Sr Gertrudes Ditching FMA, Provincial of the Salesian Sisters in Cambodia and Myanmar, is very proud of the novices and how they have adapted to the challenges of COVID-19, and recognises that it has affected those in the communities the sisters work in severely.

“The demands of the mission in this pandemic are greater than before. And in order to manage the mission effectively and provide continuity, we have to invest in the formation of the young women in the various stages of religious formation.”

By supporting novices like Teresa and Cecilia on their journey through the novitiate, you will be making an ongoing impact for the children and families in communities around the world.

There are many faith-filled novices around the world that are undergoing critical formation, education and outreach experiences to become religious sisters. These women work tirelessly to support the needs of others, provide love and care, and advocate for the voiceless. Their time as novices helps to prepare them for a life of service for others; it is essential training that will help them as religious sisters. Your gift today can help support their journey by contributing towards the cost of formation and education, so they will become effective Church leaders.

Please give generously today to support novices on their journey to becoming religious sisters and Church leaders. Your non-tax-deductible gift can support the education and faith-formation of novices, seminarians and catechists, as well as other community-focused programs. Should you require a tax-deductible receipt, your gift can support community-focused programs like education and healthcare for those in most need.

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