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Show you care with a Life-Giving Gift!

Life‑Giving Gifts represent a variety of mission projects supported by Catholic Mission around the world. By purchasing Life‑Giving Gifts for your loved ones, you are not only showing them how much you care for them, but you are also making an incredible difference for those in need. Make birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any occasion special with Life-Giving Gifts.

You can select as many gifts as you wish! Choose to receive printed cards in the mail or e-cards that you can send to your friends’ and loved ones’ inboxes straight away or at a scheduled time.

Gifts Ukrain Accommodation support

Accommodation support

Cover accommodation support for one refugee.

Gifts Faith Education for Seminarians

Education for Seminarians

Contribute towards the cost of formation and education for Seminarians.

Gifts Education Education scholarship

Educational scholarship

Help contribute towards the cost of an educational scholarship for one child with a disability.

Gifts Major Gifts Eight sewing machines

Eight sewing machines

Purchase 8 sewing machines for women studying tailoring.

Gifts food and water Food for children

Food for children

Contribute toward food for children in day care.

Gifts food and water fruit tree

Fruit tree

Purchase trees to cover 50m2 of land.

Gifts Major Gifts Help build a school

Help build a school

Contribute towards the construction of a school.

Gifts Health Hospital care for COVID patients

Hospital care for COVID patients

Contribute to covering hospital fees for emergency COVID patients.

Gifts Faith Materials for Youth Formation

Materials for Youth Formation

Contribute toward formation materials such as Bibles, rosaries and catechism books.

Gifts Health Medical care for babies

Medical care for babies

Cover medical care for babies from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Gifts Health Medicine for children

Medicine for children

Contribute towards medicine for children affected by HIV.

Gifts Major Gifts Medicine for twenty children

Medicine for twenty children

Purchase medicine for 20 children affected by HIV.

Gifts Education Oven


Contribute towards and oven for a vocational training course.

Gifts Faith Pastoral support for families

Pastoral support for families

Contribute toward the cost of Pastoral support for families and moral and biblical teaching.

Ukraine Play resources

Play resources for children

Purchase a toy for a child.

Gifts Ukrain resources for children

Safe transportation

Cover transport for one refugee.

Gifts Education School uniform

School uniform

Contribute towards a school uniform for one child.

Gifts food and water water source

Water supply

Contribute toward a water source for a school.