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World Mission Appeal – You are mission

This World Mission Month, we share stories from the ground – stories about how their lives have been impacted and changed thanks to generous donors like you. We hope you are inspired by these stories, and we encourage you to consider how you can be part of mission today.

A journey in Mission

You may remember the following story, an example of the life-giving work made possible through Catholic Mission’s generous supporters.

World Mission Appeal – A journey in Mission

When Shorti and Vandoosha first met, they were little girls who, despite coming from different backgrounds, shared the trauma of an early childhood marked by abuse and neglect.

Shorti was noticed at a railway station in Chennai at the age of three, begging for food and money. At five years old, Vandoosha was saved from slavery and physical abuse by a concerned neighbour who reported her anguished cries to authorities...

Dignity in every child

Heide carefully steps through the entry gate of the Canossa Health and Social Centre on Jacinto Street in Tondo.

World Mission Appeal – Dignity in every child

Looking left and right, her eyes search for one of the Canossian Sisters who works at the centre or simply a place to rest her legs, having walked two kilometres with a bag over one shoulder and a small child on the opposite hip.

Finding the seat first, she carefully places seven-year-old Bridget down, conscious that the smallest mistake could break several bones in the girl’s tiny body...

Cultivating tomorrow’s leaders

John Chrysostom Tom, a third-year seminarian from Tamale, Ghana, is looking forward to continuing his studies as he enters his third year of philosophy.

Coming from a large Catholic family, John was raised in a strong faith structure, his parents encouraging and supporting him as he grew.

His uncle was a priest, his nephew was ordained a priest back in July, and one of his sisters belongs to the order of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus...

Please be a part of mission and help continue the work of Catholic Mission around the world today.

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