Your donation changes lives

Your donation makes a real difference in the lives of children, communities and Church Leaders around the world. You can choose to donate once, become a monthly Mission Partner, leave a gift in your Will, or purchase a Life-Giving Gift for your loved ones.

Donate Once

Your gift helps to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of children, communities and Church leaders in Australia, and around the world, especially in this time of need.

Donate Monthly

Monthly donations are one of the most effective ways to give and make an incredible difference.

Leave a legacy

Leaving a gift in your Will – no matter how large or small – means that you leave a legacy that reflects your values and greatest hopes for the future generations. You will make a real, eternal difference to the lives of children and families for generations to come.

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Life-Giving Gifts

With a gift for everyone at every budget, Life-Giving Gifts are your perfect present for any time of year, especially birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special milestones!

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Why your donation matters

Support children, communities and Church leaders
Children in need supported in 2022-23
Distributed to community projects in 2022-23 (AUD)
catechists supported in 2022-23