Strengthening Life-Giving Work Globally: World Mission Month Celebration

This World Mission Month has witnessed an exceptional flow of generosity, enabling missionaries to provide life-changing opportunities to many communities, families, and children around the world.

At the heart of this World Mission Month appeal was the story of Sr Carolina and the Venilale community in rural Timor-Leste, as they face many health challenges such as tuberculosis and malnutrition.

Sr Carolina, who recently visited Australia to meet with Catholic Mission friends and supporters, shared her reality of being a missionary at Maria Auxiliadora Clinic. Her story has resonated in many hearts, as her burning passion for Mission was shining as the driver that set her into action.

“Mission is where many people need you,” described Sr Carolina when she talked about Mission.

The funds raised will help the Clinic keep running and provide vital medication to the people most in need. It will also help Sr Carolina to expand a recently established nutritional program, as many students lack knowledge in health education, leading to health issues.

“The support of Catholic Mission will continue to change the lives of many people in Timor-Leste for generations, especially in the area of education and health,” Sr Carolina said. “And to everyone who supports Catholic Mission I want to say thank you very much for everything.”

As we conclude World Mission Month on a high note, the flame burning in our hearts keeps shining, leading us to take action further to create a more just world, as many missionaries need our support to provide local communities with life-changing opportunities.

To continue offering ways to support missionaries, Catholic Mission is launched Life-Giving Gifts, as it offers a tangible way to provide support to critical mission projects around the world and make a lasting impact for children, families, and communities in most need.

Through Catholic Mission’s Life-Giving Gift, you can purchase gift cards from many options to give and including special gifts to support Sr Carolina and her work in Venilale.

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