Fr Thanai - Monagudu, India

Covid-19 has created “a big chaos” for many lives across the world. In the community of Monagudu, India, Fr Thanai has opened three orphanages, two of which host children supported by Catholic Mission.

It’s a life changing experience for the orphans who can go to school. “We sincerely appreciate your love and generosity to the children,” he says.

The community has been in lock-down for over two months and Fr Thanaia says there have been some heart-breaking moments, especially for the poor, who struggle to make ends meet.

“But we are still here to give support and provide basic necessities to the families in these difficult times.”

Your partnership matters

In times of hardship, it’s important that we stick together. COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our mission partners and the Church, and it’s vital that we help support the work of mission to the most vulnerable in this time.