Sts John Fisher and Thomas More – Renovation of the Sisters’ convent

In the north of Zimbabwe, at Sts John Fisher and Thomas More Seminary, the convent for the sisters that live and work at the seminary has become run down and damaged. The building includes not only a space for the sisters to live, but also a chapel, storerooms and visitor rooms - but with leaking ceilings, termite damage and general repairs required due to the age of the structure, it was becoming unsafe for use.

Fr Joseph Mugara, the rector of the seminary, knows the impact that the sisters have on the successful formation and education of the seminarians, as they are role models of living out the Catholic faith and provide support and guidance for the seminarians education. Fr Joseph was eager to ensure that the rundown convent could be updated to provide a safe and pleasant space for the sisters to live and work in.

Renovations of the convent included: new roofing to prevent further water damage during inclement weather; replacement of walls and ceiling structures due to termite damage; and installation of new doors, cupboards, and bathroom facilities.

The construction work was held up due to the rainy season, and when renovations began, extra work was necessary to ensure that the building was safe for the sisters, such as updated plumbing and flooring.

“The renovation of the Convent has added value to the appearance of the Seminary and has demonstrated the Seminary’s care for those who are working to make the work of formation successful. We were truly gratified by all the effort that you made to make this grant available to us. Please receive our gratitude and joy for all the commitment you have shown us.”

Fr Joseph Mugara
Rector Sts John Fisher and Thomas More Seminary