Help train and form the future leaders of the Church in areas of conflict!

Your donation today can help seminarians like Benjamin continue their spiritual and practical formation so that they can serve their communities in need.

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With gunfire and skirmishes almost a daily occurrence in the north-west of Cameroon, Benjamin* is one of the increasing number of young men following the call to priesthood. Since 2016, Cameroon has faced internal struggles between Anglophone (English-speaking) and Francophone (French-speaking) communities. With government intervention only escalating the situation, thousands of innocent men, women and children have been killed or injured, and many families have been left homeless as their entire village burn down. Seeing the despair and pain of his community, Benjamin knew he could combine his desire to help with his faith – but the increasing cost of basic needs such as food, medicine and study materials is prohibitive. Your gift today can help the seminary continue to provide spiritual formation and practical needs for the future leaders of the Church in Cameroon.

“We hear [gun] shots every day – it is very troubling, traumatic actually. We have to transform this situation. I know I have something to contribute. I just want to do something simple, to be of service.”


With so many families left with nothing, many flee to the larger cities such as Douala. Lay-woman, Annie, from Limbe, a coastal area near Douala, says of the families who have been Internally Displaced: “Many people are giving up. They think God doesn’t hear us. But many of us continue to trust in God – we cry to him in our pain.”

These families need the spiritual and practical support of the Church now more than ever. Through your support today, seminarians like Benjamin can become effective Church and community leaders and will help ensure that the Church will continue to be there for those in need.

Your non-tax-deductible gift, which supports programs like the faith-formation of children, formation and education of seminarians, novices and catechists, and building and repairing church buildings. Your non-tax-deductible gift can also support programs for children and communities such as education scholarships and feeding programs for children from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds. Should you require a tax-receipt, your gift can support programs for children and communities.

Benjamin's story is being shared through collaboration with Missio UK and all images contained within are by Hartmut Schwarzbach, Argus Foto.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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