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Will you help ensure missionaries and mission hospitals are supported and equipped to serve those in greatest need through this crisis?

Having seen the desperation of people in its community, St Thomas Hospital in Chennai, run by the Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph, has opened its doors even though it lacks the additional equipment it requires, treating the most marginalised, priests and sisters, who have nowhere else to turn.

The hospital is under incredible strain, trying to meet the needs of people suffering from COVID-19, who have nowhere else to go. Fr Ambrose Pitchaimuthu, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Organizations – India, said:

“They believe that the number of infected people is three times higher than the number declared by the government. Most hospitals are closed to COVID patients; the Sisters opened their doors, even though they lacked the necessary equipment, because they could see that people were desperate. They are treating the very poor, and the Sisters and Priests who have nowhere else to go also get the care they need.”

St Thomas hospital

St Thomas Hospital desperately needs your help today to create more space for beds and to help more people. Your donation will help provide funds for more beds, masks, oxygen, ventilators, and other equipment and medication that will help the Sisters care for those most in need in their time of desperation.

Your donation today will help support the Franciscan Sisters and the St Thomas Hospital in Chennai in their efforts to provide pastoral and practical support to countless people impacted by COVID-19 who have nowhere else to turn. Your donation makes an incredible difference in helping respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic impacting mission partners and the Church around the world, who sadly, are more often than not, worse off than we are in Australia. Together, we are still here, responding to the call to love God and to love our neighbour in these toughest of times.

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