Give the gift of education to vulnerable children this Christmas!

Your donation this Christmas can make a life-changing difference for children like 11-year-old Kaleb, allowing them to continue their education irrespective of barriers such as cost, and help break the cycle of poverty.

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Kaleb* would be unable to go to school if not for people like you supporting the scholarship program at the Lideta Catholic Cathedral School in Addis Ababa. His mother, Ayana*, is the sole provider for the family, and struggles to provide food and a home for her family of seven on her small income as a street vendor. Distressingly, COVID-19 has further impacted Ayana’s income, making covering school fees for her children impossible. The scholarship program provides children with quality education so that they can create their own future and break free from the cycle of poverty, but it relies on the support we can provide. Your gift today can make a life-changing difference for children like Kaleb this upcoming school year.

"My dream and vision to the community is that our projects continue growing and reaches other hundreds of families and kids."

Sr Carmen Sammut SJA

With the promise of employment and a new lifestyle, many families flock to the city only to find limited job opportunities and an inflated cost of living. This often leaves parents struggling to cover basic costs like food, rent and utilities; making other costs such as school fees not as important. Seeing many children unable to go to school due to the cost, Sister Carmen Sammut SJA created the Lideta Catholic Cathedral School scholarship program, which offers children from families facing hardship a placement at school so they can continue their education. Your donation this Christmas can help bring to life Sr Carmen’s vision for expanding the program to reach more children in need.

“For the students, this is a golden opportunity to access a scholarship to one of the best schools in the country. The ethical formation of the school impacts students positively and helps them to become good citizens, educated and give back to the community.”

Sr Carmen Sammut SJA

Your tax-deductible gift, can support programs for children and communities such as education scholarships and feeding programs for children from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds. Should you not need a tax-receipt, your gift can support all these programs, as well as programs supporting faith-formation of children, formation and education of seminarians, novices and catechists, and building and repairing church buildings.

As a supporter, you’ll receive regular updates on what you’re helping to achieve in Ethiopia and communities around the world as well as a receipt for your donations.

*Names changed to protect identity

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