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Heightened conflict during January 2022 saw a loss of civilian lives, destruction of homes and livelihoods, and a surge in internal and cross-border displacement.

Bishop Celso Ba Shwe, Loikaw Diocese

In the heart of Myanmar, the Diocese of Loikaw is facing a grave humanitarian crisis. Ongoing conflicts have forced millions to flee their homes, and in Chin State, recent airstrikes have devastated communities, including Catholic churches. With your help, we can provide essential support to those most in need.

The conflict in Myanmar has displaced over three million people, with children making up a significant portion of the displaced population. The situation is dire in Loikaw, where 170,000 people, representing 73% of the internally displaced people (IDPs) in southern Myanmar, struggle to survive. The Diocese of Loikaw has established large-scale camps to offer shelter and basic necessities, but the lack of clean drinking water remains a critical issue.

The Loikaw Diocese aims to provide clean water to over 60,000 children, women, and men currently living in 50 IDP camps. Access to clean water is essential for drinking, cooking, and maintaining proper sanitation, which is crucial for preventing illness and promoting good health.

Your generous donation can make a significant difference in the lives of displaced families in Myanmar. By contributing to this cause, you are helping to provide essential resources and support to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Catholic Mission will use donations to support the immediate and ongoing needs of our mission partners in Myanmar. Any funds raised above and beyond the needs of our mission partners will support other similar Catholic Mission projects in areas of most need.

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