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For those children whose rights have been violated, [been] abandoned or rejected by their parents, our [Center] becomes their second home.

Namdag Ivgeelt, social worker at the Don Bosco Caring Center

Mongolia is a wide, sweeping and open country full of natural beauty. As one of the least densely populated countries on the planet, the children of Mongolia have an abundance of space to roam and play. Unfortunately, not all children are afforded this luxury.

Known for its harsh winters, the temperature can drop to lows of -40°C. These are perilous and life-threatening conditions. Without support and shelter, you can freeze to death. Yet some children have been abandoned or are forced to flee their own home because of domestic violence. While no official figures exist, there are an estimated 4,000 children that face these conditions alone.

Children like Otgonbayar*, abandoned at just seven days old. It was a cold and harsh winter day in January when locals found him wrapped only in a plastic bag – he was defenceless and undernourished. Concerned locals brought him to the nearest police station, hoping to locate parents or relatives, but the police were unable to find either. After four years in an infant care home, authorities turned to the Caring Center to look after him.

When he first came to the Caring Center, he was apprehensive and quiet. Today, Otgonbayar has grown more confident, has made many friends and has a much brighter outlook on life. This wouldn’t be possible without the Caring Center.

Today, the Caring Center needs urgent assistance to ensure that children like Otgonbayar aren’t forgotten. To ensure that his story is one of hope and not tragedy.

Share hope with the forgotten children of Mongolia today.

*Due to the circumstances of the children, their names have been changed and images blurred to protect their identities

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