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Youth Skills and Enterprise Development Centre

Project Location: Bolgatanga, Ghana


Youth homelessness and a lack of training and education for young people in the Upper East Region of Ghana is a big challenge, with many flow-on effects contributing to community disadvantage and poverty. Without the right skills and education, many young people in the region are unable to find employment. For young women, the situation is often worsened, and their health and development harmed, when they are forced into early marriage.

Addressing the youth skills shortage and helping to keep children and young people off the streets is an urgent need in the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese. Seeing this need, the Diocesan Human Development Office of Navrongo-Bolgatanga established the Youth Development Centre.

The Centre is not only a training facility offering courses in fish farming, piggery, poultry, general agribusiness management, entrepreneurship and hospitality, but it is also aiming to create employment opportunities for locals through setting up a restaurant open to the public. With a view to being self-sustaining, the Centre will generate further income by raising and selling livestock and fish.

The Centre welcomes young people from all backgrounds and of all abilities, delivering specialised training for young people with disability. Classes are facilitated by qualified instructors and are highly practical, focusing on developing skills and building capacity for self-employment. The Centre also organises quarterly youth council meetings in parishes, providing a platform for local youth to discuss issues affecting them and their communities and an avenue to engage actively in working towards addressing them.

  1. Youth direct beneficiaries
  2. Indirect beneficiaries

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Father Clement at the Youth Centre piggery

About the Project

This project involves a range of elements, which when combined are expected to have substantial benefits, not just for the young people receiving training, but also for people across the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese.

To help deliver the vision and work of the Youth Development Centre, this project is supporting the renovation of training buildings and construction of agricultural and farming infrastructure such as fishponds, pigsties and animal pens. It will also enable the Centre to purchase livestock and equipment for the farm.Ghana-farm-9764.jpg#asset:8680

Project Aims

• Assist the Centre to generate income for its long-term sustainability and self-reliance.

• Establish a youth empowerment hub through providing locally relevant entrepreneurship and skills training to many young people across the vast Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese.

• Train 720 young people (430 females and 290 males) in fish farming, piggery, poultry and general agribusiness management.

• Provide entrepreneurship skills training to 70 young people with disability (50 females and 20 males).

• Inspire and empower young people with leadership skills through the youth council.

• Create flow-on benefits for the local community, such as employment generated by the public restaurant.

• Contribute towards addressing the high levels of poverty and youth unemployment in the diocese.

• Strengthen existing relationships between the diocese and local communities.

How you can make a difference

By contributing to this project through Catholic Mission, you will be helping young people from across the Upper East Region of Ghana to leave a life on the streets, gain practical skills and business knowledge, and build a safe, secure and fulfilling life. These young people will then be able to return to their homes and contribute to the needs and development of their communities.