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Eden Garden’s Children’s Home – India

“I want to see my parents happy for me becoming someone great in the future.” – Vikhonuo, aged 15

2019 World Mission Appeal | 'Help them be all that they can be'

Nestled high in India’s mountainous north‑east is the state of Nagaland, where, due to its remoteness, many people do not have access to electricity or running water, let alone education and varied career opportunities.

The communities in these areas often rely on subsistence farming and local trade, as they have for many generations. This means that children like fifteen‑year‑old Vikhonuo are not always given the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Vikhonuo is fortunate to live at the Eden Gardens Children’s Home, a place where 250 children from remote and disadvantaged backgrounds are given access to education, as well as a safe home that fulfils their physical and spiritual needs.

“We are just trying to give direction to their dreams … that is the main aim,” says Father Rajesh Lobo, who runs the home with Father Raymond De Souza.

In addition to the ongoing struggle of covering running costs, the home is currently faced with water shortages.

Distressingly, the water tanks at the home do not hold enough water to last through the dry season, and water must be rationed due to unpredictable weather. This can put a strain on the staff and children at the home, as necessities such as washing are sometimes cut, and purchasing and transporting water is very costly.

“We are just trying to give direction to their dreams … that is the main aim.” Fr Rajesh with Vikhonuo.

The Eden Gardens Children’s Home strives to provide the children with their basic needs, and with support from generous donors like you, can continue doing so for years to come.

Please help missionaries like Father Raymond and Father Rajesh as they provide the physical and spiritual water for children like Vikhonuo in India and around the world!

Do something extraordinary for God and please help continue the work of Catholic Mission around the world today.

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