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Scholarship project for Lideta Catholic School

Project Code: ETCT-2200181 | Project Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About the project

Located in the north of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS) for primary and secondary students is one of the most highly regarded schools in the country, with graduating students moving into a variety of fields including, medicine and engineering. Lideta was established by Father Tekle Makonnen and the local Church in Addis Ababa to provides low cost, quality education for students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Sister Carmen Sammut SJA (Sister of St Joseph of the Apparition) works alongside Fr Tekle and manages the scholarship program, finding families who are in most need to receive the support. Without scholarships many of these students would never have attended school. Many former students graduate from university with high grades and move into vital jobs, for instance, more than 600 medical doctors in the country graduated from the LCCS. The school is integral in contributing students to the medical field.

The overall aim of this project is to ensure that all children in the region, regardless of financial situation can attend school and gain a quality education that will support them in the future. This project will provide vulnerable students with scholarships to attend the school.
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted daily life in Ethiopia. In response, the government urged all private schools and colleges to restructure their fees. This has proven a financial challenge for the school which ensured all staff remained employed and received their regular salaries during the lockdown period.

All schools in Ethiopia have been closed since March, and classes have been moved online. Unfortunately, this has put many children at a severe disadvantage as they do not always have access to a computer, smart phone or internet, making the need for this project even greater.

With the help of Catholic Mission, the Lideta Catholic Cathedral School is working to help underprivileged families through providing payment of tuition fees and build the future leaders of Ethiopia through quality education.

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Facts and figures

  1. people live in Addis Ababa
  2. percent of the population live in poverty
  3. students who graduated from LCCS have moved on to become doctors.

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Cross-cutting policies

Catholic Mission has a code of conduct and cross-cutting policies that apply to every aspect of our work. We require project partners to comply with these policies before work on a project can commence.

Child Protection – The Archdiocese of Addis Ababa has issued a Child Protection Policy in 2018. It binds clergy, religious and all laypeople, no matter their religious affiliation, employed by Catholic institutions to be focused on putting the wellbeing of children at the forefront of their work.

Gender Equality – LCCS employee’s teachers of both genders on equal standards. Since there is an all girl’s school on the same premises, Grade 1 – 6 students at LCCS are all boys. Girls are admitted from Grade 7 upwards. The classes are mixed and equally divided among genders.

Conflict Sensitivity/Do no harm – Although there are still ethnic conflicts in the country, the students come from all backgrounds and are taught tolerance and acceptance. They celebrate national feasts together, no specific group is privileged, and teachers are employed from all ethnic backgrounds provided they have the right qualifications.

Human Rights – The school has a human rights club and organize several awareness programs and activities on human rightist issue.

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School yard

How you can help...

By supporting Catholic Mission, you will be helping projects such as these which seek to provide youth with greater education opportunities, increasing the wellbeing of the entire local community.

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