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Phnom Penh - Emergency COVID Relief

Project Code: CBPT-1200191 | Project Location: Cambodia

For the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambodia fared well with limited cases and one of the world’s lowest infection rates. Positive cases have soared since February 2021 and lockdown has placed great strain on already struggling families.

Cambodian authorities have divided hotspots using a three-tiers of yellow, dark yellow and red zones. Phnom Penh, with over two million residents is a predominantly red zone. A hard lockdown was ordered for the city which led to panic buying in local markets, resulting in a critical shortage of food and supplies. Food markets have now been shut and the Government has stopped all non-essential travel between the surrounding districts and suburbs of the city, with police and military guarding barricades.

Our team in Catholic Mission’s Phnom Penh-based Regional Development Office has been working hard as a member of the Catholic Alliance for Charity and Development (CACD), a network of Catholic Charities in Cambodia, with the leadership of Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler MEP, to deliver emergency food supplies and resources to those in need.

“Catholic Mission is proud to stand in solidarity with its partners and provide practical relief to a community in need.”
Catholic Mission National Director Fr Brian Lucas.


Catholic Alliance for Charity and Development hard at work planning how to carry out the urgent project.

Catholic Mission on the ground

Pisey Souern (right), Catholic Mission Programs Officer based in the Regional Development Office, is very proud of the support this project has been able to give so far.

Located roughly 170 kilometres south-west of Phhom Penh are Catholic Mission supported projects, the Phnom Voah Farm and St Francis Private Technical High School.

They have received an urgent delivery of 3,000 eggs, a thousand kilograms of rice, and supplies of vegetables, sugar cane, and pork. In addition to the food and supplies provided directly, additional funds to purchase food for 200 families over the next two weeks of the lockdown has been allocated by Catholic Mission’s Regional Development Office.

“Food support is a priority, but support of people’s spiritual life and the feelings of their hearts is also a high priority in this time of lockdown"

Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler MEP, Apostolic Vicar of Phnom Penh.


The Vicariate of Phnom Penh has launched an online live Catholic channel, sharing prayers and daily mass, as well as important health information.

Your generous support is vital in order to continue delivering this urgent relief to the community of Phnom Penh and surrounding villages.

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