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Building capacity for catechetical training in primary schools

Project Location: Hoima, Uganda

Despite a small land area, 18 times smaller than Tasmania, Hoima, Uganda has a booming population just overtaking Perth with around 2,037,325 people. The Diocese supports 675 educational institutions, including an astounding 360 primary schools. To put this in perspective Parramatta has a total of 76 schools, 54 of which are for primary-aged children.

The Diocese is currently facing difficulties regarding faith formation in schools with a disconnect present between teaching and core Christian values. This has greatly impacted the faith of children Diocese.

To address gaps in Religious Formation of students, this project will equip teachers with information and resources rooted in Catholic tradition, enabling them to effectively pass on such knowledge to students. This project aims to catechize children within the Hoima Diocese, specifically focusing on those within the Nyamigisa Deanery which contains at least 30 Catholic Founded Primary Schools.

Ten primary schools in the area, two from each of the five Parishes, will be selected to undergo a catechetical overhaul through intensive teacher training and the buying of new resources. The schools will then be used as models for other schools in the region.

The support of Catholic Mission will allow for several key activities to be implemented. The quality of Religious Education (RE) within the diocese will be increased through sensitisation and orientation meetings with key individuals including Parish Priests, Principals and teachers in charge of religious affairs. Additionally, two teachers from each school will receive further religious education training to increase capabilities, and RE books and resources such as charts, children’s bibles and teacher’s guides will be purchased.

Overall this project aims to bring about a change in the faith and religious values of children (and teachers) within the Hoima Diocese.

* Picture taken in the field in Uganda