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World Mission Schools

2019 World Mission Schools Resources

Catholic Mission's 2019 World Mission Schools resources are inspired by Pope Francis' call for an Extraordinary Missionary Month this October, which will be a worldwide occasion of prayer, sharing stories of mission, formation and charity.

Pope Francis has chosen the theme 'Baptised and Sent: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World'. The Extraordinary Missionary Month is an invitation for all to join in and do something extraordinary for mission.

This year, students across Australia are encouraged to learn about how the Church in Ghana is taking a lead in providing life-saving care to children with disability and fostering their personal development for a brighter future. The school resources give children a chance to do something extraordinary for mission, learn about Ghana and the work of the Church there, and contribute through their fundraising, advocacy and prayers.

In Ghana there are many children who go to school, hang out with friends and family, and do fun things like sport. Distressingly, some children, especially those with a disability, struggle to have their basic met, such as nutritious food and clean water, healthcare, education and safety.

Thankfully, there are missionaries like Sister Stan Therese Mumuni who are reaching out to provide unconditional love and care to these children when they need it most.

Over the next few months, more information and resources will become available, however we encourage you to contact your local Catholic Mission Diocesan Director at https://catholicmission.org.au/about-catholic-mission/diocesan-offices should you wish to learn more now.


Visit the to Catholic Mission's World Mission Month Schools Resources for 2019!


Use some of the ideas below or come up with your own special event to raise funds and awareness for those in need around the world.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a ‘Rock your socks off’ dance party, either during a lunch break, or maybe an after-school disco fundraiser with a gold coin contribution.
  • Hold a ‘Walk in someone else’s shoes’ day and bring in clothes to donate to a charity, share the clothes with classmates and wear something that is not your own for the day.
  • Hold a ‘Tech-free’ day and research education around the world using books and storytelling (ask parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts etc.). Make a children’s book and sell these.
  • Hold a Movie day, with a movie that focuses on issues such as supporting vulnerable children, and ask for donations.
  • Hold a Trivia event, find out as much as you can about Ghana and make up questions for children to answer. You can sell tickets to raise money.

Action and Education Ideas

  • Put on a sock puppet show, with a focus on a story from the Bible or an issue of social justice.
  • Run a liturgy or Mass.
  • Socks need to be washed—create a Prayer Line at your school (a portable clothes line showing socks with prayer points and other spiritual enrichment).
  • Coordinate all the students and staff at your school to take off their shoes and socks at exactly the same time on a nominated day. Our vision is that for a suitable time span, students will bare their feet and their heart as a simple gesture to show solidarity for those hundreds of thousands of children who go barefoot to school every day.
  • This activity is suggested for the 31st October (or nearest school day) to mark World Mission Month in October. The idea is to introduce your students to a piece of literature that offers a powerful message about mission, social justice, or making a difference, which all students in all classes in the school read and study at the same time.

Please contact your local Catholic Mission Diocesan Director or phone 1800 257 296 should you need any extra information or resources, and to inform us of your fundraising activities. Your Catholic Mission Diocesan Director will also be able to provide suggestions for making your fundraising more effective in your school.