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Your support this tax time can help ensure that mission programs around the world –many of which have been forced to reduce their outreach or go into lockdown – will survive the impact of this global pandemic. Priests, sisters and missionaries around the world are doing all that they can during this COVID-19 crisis to ensure that those in need are given the best practical and pastoral support. Your support today means that together, we continue to be there for those who need it most.

Support children and families from mission programs around the world today by reading their stories below.


Alemnesh at the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre in Meki, Ethiopia


Nathaniel at the Eden Gardens Children’s Home in Nagaland, India

Stand with lay missionary Maria and help support vulnerable women like Alemnesh through the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre – Ethiopia

oneWith over 450 women enrolled in their professional skills training courses each year, the closure of the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre during the lockdown in Ethiopia has impacted hundreds of women coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

26-year-old Alemnesh has been passionately studying in the food preparation course, hopeful for a career which will provide her gainful employment to help support herself and her family, but now her dreams have been put on hold.

Lay missionary Maria Jose Morales Jurado helped establish the Centre in 2015 alongside the local Church and is heartbroken to see women like Alemnesh unable to continue their training. Maria knows that now, more than ever, it is vital to support not only these women, but their families.

Your support today can help provide food packs and financial assistance to the women and families of the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre, to help them through these uncertain times, and ensure that when the Centre does reopen, that the women will be able to come back and continue their life-changing studies.



Be there for Fr Rajesh as he supports children like Nathaniel at the Eden Gardens Children’s Home during lockdown – India

oneThe Eden Gardens Children’s Home, a place where 250 children from remote and disadvantaged backgrounds are given access to education, as well as a safe home that fulfils their physical and spiritual needs, has sent the majority of its residents home due to the government-enforced lockdown.

Still, children like Nathaniel have no home to return to, and rely on Eden Gardens for nutritious food, healthcare, education and faith formation.

Your support today can ensure the home survives this crisis and can provide these essentials for Nathaniel and hundreds of other vulnerable children, now and into the future.