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Virtual reality proving to be an experience of mission like no other

Mission in 360 in the classroom
A young student tries out Catholic Mission's immersive Mission in 360 experience. (Image: Catholic Mission)

Walking in the shoes of the other has long been a quintessential part of Catholic Mission’s formation experience, but now it is set to take on a whole new meaning.

Mission in 360 is the organisation’s latest innovation, utilising virtual reality technology with footage shot in communities around the world.

Simone Medri, Catholic Mission’s Digital and Online Manager, has been responsible for the implementation of Mission in 360. He says it opens up a range of learning and formation opportunities, particularly for students.

‘We have begun to trial Mission in 360 in schools around the country with students who normally participate in our education programs, and it is a completely new way of learning for them,’ he says.

‘The beauty of Mission in 360 is that it transports the viewer into the scene, so they can be a part of that life for a few minutes. This will really enhance our focus on Uganda during World Mission Month in October.’

The specially designed goggles from Catholic Mission can be used with almost any smartphone to enjoy the 360-degree experiences available on Catholic Mission’s website and YouTube channel. Communities from Uganda and Ethiopia are featured in the first Mission in 360 videos.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Georges Hall was among the first schools in the country to have trialled Mission in 360. Religious Education Coordinator Michelle Gear was enthusiastic about the possibilities for her students.

‘To have the opportunity to be in a different environment and to see the different lifestyles that people live is definitely going to be beneficial to their own learning,’ she said.

‘I think it’s really good to see things from a different perspective, and when we’re looking at Gospel values and showing compassion and love to other people, it’s important to see those who are living less fortunate than us.

‘It is something that I can see working in this school. I think it can be beneficial to [the students’] … understanding of other people’s environments.’

Mission in 360 will be made available to schools during World Mission Month celebrations in October. To view Catholic Mission’s 360-degree footage, please visit

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