Workplace Giving campaign: “Together, we can reach out and give life”

Catholic Mission is launching its Workplace Giving campaign, “Together, we can reach out and give life”, to promote supporting mission programs through payroll deductions. Workplace giving is simple and effective, and allows individuals to fund critical mission programs and engage with Catholic Mission through their workplaces.

“We have always offered workplace giving as a way to support missionaries and their work in some of the most marginalised communities around the world. Our hope is that by bringing attention to this form of partnership, people may find added purpose in their work, as well as consider other ways to partner with Catholic Mission,” says Adrienne Williams, Fundraising Manager at Catholic Mission.

Workplace giving is a win-win-win for employees, employers and Catholic Mission. Employees have the opportunity to join with others to make a significant difference by giving small, pre-tax donations to vital community projects. Employers can engage staff in global mission in a simple, cost-effective way, and promote organisational values through other partnership opportunities. Catholic Mission benefits from the long-term, stable funding that allows it to commit to new and existing community endeavours.

Workplace giving helps Catholic Mission reach out to people in need across the world to support mission development projects that are at the heart of many of those communities. One of those projects is providing scholarships for children at the Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This school aims to give children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to access education, as only 52% of children from urban areas complete secondary school.

“This is a gift we can give to society… our Catholic schools are open to all, and they concentrate on not only passing information and intellectual abilities but peaceful living and respectful relationship. […] We believe, as the Catholic Church, that to transform society, education is the key. Educate people to give them the chance to go to school, rich and poor and middle class together so that they teach each other,” says Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, Archbishop of Addis Ababa.

The LCCS is an ongoing project that Catholic Mission has been supporting. Thanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters, Catholic Mission has been able to provide scholarships to 67 students and is looking to expand the project to provide more scholarships.

“Thanks to you, we are able to admit more students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It is our vision to give children the chance to be educated in our school. We believe if one child gets the chance to be enrolled in our school and enter university, they too, in turn, will pull their family out of chronic poverty,” Fr Tekle Mekonnen, Principal of Lideta Catholic Cathedral School.

“What makes this program [workplace giving] special is that it brings employees and employers together to reach out to people in need and give life,” says Fr Brian Lucas.