Conference Image Media Release

A unique series of seminars hosted by Catholic Mission, in partnership with the Pontifical Mission Societies in Rome, aims to build a stronger international network, sharing resources and expertise to support the mission areas of the world.

Entitled Church’s Mission: Media Communication, Charity and Fundraising, the seminars featured international experts and presentations from the Vatican’s Dicastery for Social Communication, Radio Maria and Fides News Agency.

“While there were some logistical challenges, it was an opportunity to harness the power of collaboration”, says Catholic Mission National Director, Fr Brian Lucas.

“It was a privilege to work closely with the authorities in Rome and in particular the contribution of Elena Grazini, from the PMS, and Simone Medri, from Catholic Mission, ensured the conference was well planned and ran smoothly,” he added.

“There were 220 registrations, from 41 countries, spanning 18 time zones, giving a unique international experience” he says.

Across ten 90 minutes sessions over five days, the seminars focused on communications, charity, and fundraising in a digital environment.

Fr Fabrizio Meroni, Secretary General of the Pontifical Mission Union, the body responsible for missionary formation in the PMS, responded to the challenge presented by COVID-19 and replaced what was to be a traditional conference with the digital format.

“The Pontifical Mission Societies walk with the local church in the mission territories with a particular emphasis on their pastoral outreach”, Fr Brian says.

“The support of the PMS solidarity fund is often critical for the survival of churches in areas of persecution and deprivation.”