An Uplifting Update from Sr Mary in Uganda

In January 2020, we were proud to announce the completion of the St Luke Bujuni Health Centre project in the Diocese of Hoima, Uganda. The project aimed to provide the Bujuni communities with access to general and maternal medical support, including antenatal and postnatal education, in a region with low access to health services.

Three years after the completion of the final phase, Sr Mary Goretti, a missionary Sister in charge of the Health Centre, is giving us some updates on the Centre.

“To Friends of Australia, I want to say thank you once again for the support that they give us. I know it's as if we started from nowhere. We are now somewhere. We have developed, we've grown, we grew so well. That's the reason why we have been promoted to level four. A Hospital.” said Sr Mary in a video update she recently shared.

Thanks to your support and generosity, the Health Center now provides high-quality maternity services in a safe environment; as well as transportation services to mothers and babies in emergency circumstances, and improved its outpatient department services.

This has been possible due to equipment purchases and building expansion, such as the construction of an extension to the existing maternity ward, the purchase of new equipment, the building of an outpatient department, the purchase of an ambulance, and the construction of water tanks.

Along with accessing higher-quality equipment, the Health Center has also seen its staff grow, as they welcomed two new nurses to provide adequate care to the patients.

“The new outpatient department structure offers more space for consultation, diagnosis, and storage of drugs and equipment. This has increased the trust of clients and enhanced the quality of care and treatment at the facility,” highlighted Sr Mary.

The overall improvement in training of staff, upgrading of equipment and modern facilities has allowed the Centre to become one of the best in the region, gaining the trust of the local community.