Global campaign sharing faith in mission.

The 2021 World Mission Month campaign produced locally by Catholic Mission has attracted global attention, but more importantly gives an international voice to missionaries serving people in places where poverty and disadvantage compound the devastating impact of COVID-19.

The digital campaign connects mission partners from around the world. It responds to a call from Pope Francis, inspired by Acts 4:20: “For we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

Featuring the faces and voices of missionaries from over 50 countries, and to be translated into over 30 different languages, the campaign has so far appeared in several international and influential Catholic publications including Vatican News, and Agenzia Fides, and has also been promoted on Spanish television. International agencies of the Pontifical Mission Societies are using the campaign material to promote their own World Mission Month projects.

Catholic Mission National Director, Fr Brian Lucas, says this global campaign focuses on the importance of sharing faith in mission.

“It is the expression of the solidarity among the local churches in support of the mission churches that are in need because of persecution, minority status, and lack of material resources.”

In the lead up to World Mission Sunday on October 24, Catholic Mission’s annual World Mission Month Appeal is highlighting the work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Thailand, supporting children from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds through the Kindergarten Centre.

“The work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Thailand touches some of the most vulnerable women and children and is an expression of the concern the local church has to give witness to the promise of the fullness of life, “says Fr Brian.

Schools across Australia are also connecting with World Mission Month, through the Catholic Mission-run nationwide schools’ engagement program, Socktober, supported by many bishops and archbishops from across the country.

“We all are called to be missionaries in the church, and to do something practical with mission. So, here’s your chance to get on board with Socktober, have some fun and be helping people at the same time,” says Bishop Michael Kennedy of Armidale.

“Many kids around the world play soccer with a ball made of rags; it reminds us how blessed we are in a country like Australia,” says Bishop Michael Kennedy of Armidale.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse of Canberra says the program engages students in the key issues of mission and social justice through powerful metaphors found in sport.

“I hope you give generously with the head, heart and hands reaching out to those in situations far more dire than here in Australia,” says Archbishop Prowse.

“Socktober’s got my support; I hope it’s got yours.”

Respond to the call to help those in need and support Word Mission Month at: