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The gifts featured below are representative of the life-changing projects around the world supported by Catholic Mission. Tax-deductible gifts support children and community projects such as food and water, health, education and social enterprise.

GC 01 chicken copy


A chicken can offer a family in need a source of income.

GC 02 pig copy


A pig provides food and an income source for a family.

GC 03 cow copy


A cow can generate ongoing income for a family.

GC 04 meal copy

Nutritious Meal

One week of daily nutritious meals for a child.

GC 05 medicine copy

Medicines for children

Medicines and vaccinations for children in remote areas to live a healthy life.

GC 06 wheelchair copy


A wheelchair to improve the mobility of a child with disability.

GC 07 school copy

School Materials

Two children can receive school materials for their education.

GC 08 women copy

Upskilling Women

Training for women in a professional skill so they can earn an income.

GC 09 education copy

Education costs for one year

One child can access quality education for one year.

GC 10 borehole copy

Water for community

An entire community can access water through boreholes, which will provide clean water for cooking and drinking, and help for year-round harvesting.