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Give a gift that gives back this year!

With a gift for everyone at every budget, Life-Giving Gifts are your perfect present for any time of year, especially birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special milestones! Select printed cards or e-cards representing your favourite mission projects from around the world, personalise and send to your loved ones in minutes.

The gifts featured below are representative of the life-changing projects around the world supported by Catholic Mission. These gifts support faith formation activities such as the training of novices, seminarians and catechists; the construction or renovation of church buildings; and children’s catechism.

You can select as many gifts as you wish, and choose to receive printed cards, or you may opt to receive e-cards which you can pass onto your friends and loved ones.

If you would like to purchase a tax-deductible gift, please select the Animals, Education, Food and Health, Major Gifts and Vocational options above.


Lay volunteer training

Can help train lay volunteers to become missionary group leaders.


Education for seminarians

Can contribute towards the cost of formation and education for seminarians.


Youth formation

Support the cost of formation programs like youth camps and gatherings for children.


Catechist support

Help catechists reach out to their community.


Building presbyteries

Help build presbyteries for priests in remote communities.


Building chapels

Can contribute toward the cost of building and repairing chapels in disadvantaged communities.