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Who will you share a life-giving gift with?

Life-Giving Gifts represent critical church-run mission projects around the world. By purchasing a Life-Giving Gift, you are making a lasting impact for children, families and communities in most need. Select as many gifts as you wish! Choose to receive printed cards in the mail or e-cards that you can send to your friends’ and loved ones’ inboxes straight away or at a scheduled time.

Malnutrition treatment

Malnutrition treatment

Provide urgent treatment for 20 children suffering from malnutrition.

Food for children BS

Food for children

Help a school provide nutritious meals and snacks for one child for a month.

Nurse for a health clinic New


Help fund a week’s salary for a qualified nurse to provide critical health care at a local community clinic.

Food security Urgent

Food security

Provide an essential food parcel of rice, chickpeas and cooking oil for Internally Displaced families fleeing conflict in Myanmar.