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Give a gift of hope today!

As we prepare for Easter, buying chocolate eggs and hot cross buns to share with family and friends, let us also ponder the Easter meaning – renewal and hope. God gave us the gift of new life by the death and resurrection of His Son.

A Life-Giving Gift is an opportunity to share the meaning of Easter with your loved ones, while supporting children, communities and Church leaders through programs that provide practical and spiritual support.

What are Life-Giving Gift?

Life-Giving Gifts are gifts that represent life-changing projects around the world supported by Catholic Mission. By purchasing a Life-Giving Gift your donation will help fund a range of similar projects which support those in need.


Purchasing a Life-Giving Gift as a present Life-Giving Gifts make perfect presents for your loved ones; they not only show care for the recipient, but also support those in need around the world. When purchasing gifts, you can choose to receive a printed card showing the gift which you can personalise; or, you may choose to receive an e-card, which can be sent on to a friend.

How you can purchase Life-Giving Gifts Gifts are split into two categories: tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible. Tax-deductible gifts support children and community projects such as food and water, health, education and social enterprise; and non-tax-deductible projects support faith formation activities such as the training of novices, seminarians and catechists; the construction or renovation of church buildings; and children’s catechism.

Purchase a gift today!

Tax-deductible gifts support welfare and community-based development projects .

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Non-tax-deductible gifts can support faith formation projects.

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