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"I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger"
John 6:35

Christmas is a time of anticipation and joy, a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and for family and friends to come together over a meal to share about the good things that have happened during the year. 

For many families enduring food shortages in southern Ethiopia, the anticipation of Christmas brings a sense of hope for their under-nourished children. Caring for them, and not being able to help, is heart-breaking. Ethiopian communities hope this Christmas for immediate and long-term sustainable nutrition for their suffering children… a hope your faith-filled Christmas-gift can bring to life.

After walking for three hours from her mountain hut in the scorching morning heat, Yennesh, a young mother from the hills area of Hawassa, in southern Ethiopia, arrives at the gate of the Bushulo Health Centre. She clutches her two young children, Girma - her son who is almost three years old, and Yesh - her daughter aged eight months, and quietly takes her place in the long queue, hoping to see a doctor. Both her children are suffering from acute malnutrition caused by a lack of access to healthy food, including leafy green vegetables. As it’s nearly Christmas, Yennesh looks up and says a silent prayer, asking God for His mercy and help, as she needs to get food and medicine for her weak and hungry children before it’s too late. 

This was Yennesh and her family just seven years ago. With her children suffering from acute malnutrition, Yennesh’s only Christmas wish was to be able to save their lives.

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