It invites a response from all of us

Cardinal Luis Tagle, Prefect for the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples, has sent a message to all Catholics urging a generous response to the COVID-19 emergency.

The newly installed Prefect, who was previously Archbishop of Manila and is also the President of Caritas International, says in his message on Vatican News that the coronavirus pandemic is something that affects all people and calls for a universal response.

'We can say that the COVID-19 is a general or universal emergency,' he says. 'It affects nearly all of us. It invites a response from all of us.'

While generosity and selflessness may not be our first instinct in a crisis, Cardinal Tagle concedes, our focus should be on those less fortunate. 'We should avoid fear from making us blind to the needs of other people, those needs that are the same as ours. We should prevent anxiety from killing genuine concern for neighbors.

'In an emergency, the true heart of a person also emerges.'

In what is a stirring reflection, Cardinal Tagle urges us to act now and give to our neighbours, with all our hearts, whatever support is possible.

'From an emergency that affects all people—pandemia—we hope to see a pandemic emergence of caring, compassion and love,' he says.

'An emergency crisis that erupts unexpectedly can be addressed only by an equal “eruption” of hope.

'History will judge our generation by the power of selfless love that this common emergency will have generated and spread or will have failed to do so.

'We thank the heroic people whose love and courage have already been a source of healing and hope these past weeks.'

If you are in a position to give, you can support the Church's universal response to the COVID-19 crisis and ensure the global work of mission can continue in this difficult time.

(Source: Vatican News)